How to get more youtube video views?

Aug 7


We create this article for our visitors and dear clients which need help with YouTube Marketing. First marketing questions of youtube newbies is: How to get more youtube views? This problem have over 99.9% of youtube users and I will give you some basic rules which can help you increase your youtube views.

It’s very good follow this basic rules for increasing your youtube views:

  • Record videos in HD and create HQ Videos.
  • Use some awesome logo or avatar in your channel. Don’t forget on background of your youtube channel.
  • Promote your youtube channel with a twitter , facebook and any other social networks which you can use!
  • Be Social, YouTube Friends/Subscribers increase your views, likes and comments. With views comes subscribers.
  • Post many comments in other videos similar like yours. Peoples will be visit your channel and your videos.
  • Put into your video more tags. Very important is description under your video. You can place your link in the description which can get you more traffic to your site or youtube channel!
  • Try and Ask your friends to rate your video good. If it get good ratings (green likes), your video will more likely come up as one of the first few searches. It’s  your simple SEO.

For Example, Check our video:

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